What is Kala Sarpa Dosha ?

Posted by Ramakrishna Srinivasa 12-06-2016

In the Birth chart, if all planets are located in the 180 degrees between Rahu and Ketu, then Astrologers say it is Kala Sarpha Dosha. Parashara sytem of Horoscope, the highest authority on Horoscope does not recognize Kala Sarpa Dosha. This seems to be work of unscrupulous Astrologers to scare off people. A representative horoscope (Figure 1) of Kala Sarpa dosha is shown herewith. The area denoted by semi-circle signifies 180 degrees of the ecliptic where no planets are present. On the other side of the semi-circle, we can see that all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. To recollect, each house (Rasi) represents 30 degrees of the ecliptic. Some astrologers also say that Rahu and Ketu should not be in conjunction (together with) with any other planet, although the representation here shows Rahu in conjunction with Moon and Ketu with Mars and Venus. The bad effects of Kala Sarpa are supposed to be extremely dangerous. All these are not specified in any of the texts from Parashara.

Rahu and Ketu are two shadowy planets, two points separated by 180 degrees at any point in time. They are the point of intersection of Sun and Moon's path as seen from Earth. More details in the attached picture.  As Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets, they dont have the property of aspecting other planet or house. In a 360 degree horoscope, when two planets are always separated by 180 degrees, it is not an unlikely situation to have other 7 planets on a single side

However, Sarpa dohsa is different and is often attributed to curse from a Snake. 

There are various other dosha's like Pithru dosha, curse from fore-fathers, curse from parents etc, which can be located in the horoscope by the position of planets. Each of these have various remedies                

Here are a few more details of Rahu and Ketu

Ascending Node and Descending node in the figure shown represent Rahu and Ketu respectively. Figure Attributed to : SuperManu [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons :