Buddha declared "All that we are , is made up of our thoughts"


Buddha declared "All that we are , is made up of our thoughts". Thought is under our control and it is extremely important to control our thoughts. While a processor is measured by the number of parallel processes that it can support, our efficiency is measured by the least number of thoughts that occur at a time. Mind keeps wandering and can probably process a thousand or more thoughts in a minute, but that's not what we should aim for. Only one clear and precise thought should be our aim. Just as how a laser-beam:focussed rays of certain wavelength can melt stones, focussed thought can do wonders. Thought is a form of energy. As with every other form of energy, thought energy also needs to be harnessed and harmonized for the benefit of ones own self realization. We need to understand Thought in more detail in order to control it

Thought is a subtle, finer force, the most vital force in the universe. Thoughts are tranmitted, it passes from one man to another.

Thought is supplied to us by food. If you need more proof of this, try going on a fast for 3 days, and see how your thought process changes! First the body becomes weak, then the thought process slowly changes. Everything that was a necessity yesterday does not matter anymore. It is necessary to be healthy to have pure thoughts. But just being healthy is not enough, animals are healthy all the time. Body should be healthy and mind should be controlled to have pure thoughts only. Article on Raja-Yoga explains this in more detail. Preachings of Shankaracharya and that of other Maharishi's explains this in detail. If food is pure, thoughts also becomes pure. Sattvik food greatly helps in generating pure thoughts. People having pure thoughts speak powerfully and produce deep impression on the minds of hearers. Just as how a powerful person can influence other people , a person with pure powerful thoughts can influence others around him. Thats how a saint passes on the message of peace and tranquility without even uttering a single word. Just his presence and aura captivates the people

We live in a world full of thoughts. First is thought, then there is expression of thought through speech. Thought and speech are intimately connected. Thoughts and speech of anger, bitterness and hatred injure others. Speech is nothing but a simple sound wave and vibration which causes happiness and damage. If this mind which is the cause of all thoughts vanishes, the external objects will disappear as well. That does not mean we need to destroy our mind, it simply means thought is so vital and powers your life, so we need to control our thoughts

Mind is the king of all senses. Eyes just see the external objects, thoughts apply their own colour on top and then creates its own interpretation, connection and impression in the person. Bitterness or sweetness do not lie in objects, but they are in the mind, in thinking. It is the mind that gives colour, shape and thus the resultant feeling of love, hatred

Scriptures compare thought process to a lake with waves. Lake is compared to the Mind and bottom of the lake is Atman. When the lake is full of waves, we cannot see the bottom of the lake. Lake needs to be still, for us to see the bottom of the lake. We need to be free of thoughts to realise the Atman. With every wave, lake is not only disturbed, but it also accumulates mud and pebbles in the bottom. The accumulated mud and pebbles is compared to "Samskara" , thoughts and desires which get stored in the conscious , sub-conscious and unconsicous parts of the mind. It is this Samskaras which determine the character of an individual. Samskaras remain with the Atman and get carried over , it is our thoughts that cause the round of births and deaths. Most of our sacred books, point towards the purity of thought. Extinction of thoughts and Vasanas is "Moksha". Extinction of thoughts and purity of thought is what takes the Atman closer to divinity