Thought Control

Buddha declared "All that we are , is made up of our thoughts"

Control of Thoughts

There is no limit to the power of human thought. Just as how a laser-beam : focused rays of certain wavelength can melt stones, focused thought can do wonders. It is important to control our thoughts in order to gain self-confidence and stay focused.

As the adage goes "Manomatram Jagat", it is the mind which creates this Universe. All objects in this world are unconnected, they are connected and associated by the imagination of the mind - Don't just follow the mind. We need to focus our mental energy in a certain direction, just as how we do physical exercise to keep our body fit, we need to learn and train to concentrate to focus our mental energy

We need to cultivate attention to improve the concentration levels. We need to keep the mind serene and calm, rid it of obnoxious thoughts, only then we can concentrate. It is better to have regular time for concentration, say morning 7 AM for 15 minutes to start with and slowly increase it to an hour. It is extremely necessary to sit in a place, with eyes closed, and if possible thinking about a single thought , of something positive, something that calms your mind down, of service to needy, or of what you want to become. This needs to be done daily. It is equally important to give up certain habits, like too much of news reading, unnecessary browsing, unnecessary text messages, too much eating, too much physical exertion, thoughts of lust, all of which are hindrances to concentrate

It is important to get into organised thinking, necessary to refine a thought, complete a thought process fully before getting into the next one. As thousands of thoughts keep passing through the mind in this age of multi-tasking, every sensual thought rejected, every feeling of anger and jealousy withheld, every divine thought encouraged takes you closer to higher will power

It is equally important to give up old habits of TV, Newspaper, Coffee, WhatsApp etc which are a hindrance to increase your ability to concentrate

You need to consciously overcome the following by thinking about more positive and inspiring things:

1. Everyday thoughts about food, dress etc which consume a lot of mind share

2. Gloomy thoughts & thoughts about comparison which immediately trigger depression. The best way to overcome this is by thinking about an inspirational person, say like "Sir Abdul Kalaam" or "Gandhi""or any of your role model

3. Always cultivate positive thoughts of strength and confidence. Reject thoughts of depression, low self-esteem, weakness , doubts etc. Be indifferent to these thoughts and pray God for strength.

Negative thoughts will slowly pass away. Don't drive away negative thoughts, that will never happen, they will come back with double force. Instead fill your mind with positive and divine thought. Thus, you can conquer all unnecessary thoughts

Fear is the root cause of most of the negative thoughts. Overcome fear, rather absence of courage is fear. Build up your positive armoury slowly & steadily, believe that things will turn out for good. Still the mind, close your eyes & silence the bubbling thoughts and meditate