Today the whole world appeals to our senses, "The Breaking News", the sizzling advertisements on life size billboards and everything else. They not only appeal but also tend to control our thinking, senses and emotions, thereby limiting our power to analyse or think. Most of these purely appeal to our senses thereby making us an addict to the overdose of sensual things. It is a definite challenge for an individual to transcend beyond the worldly pulls and seek higher truth that liberates. It has been said that Man is the only animal that naturally looks upwards, every other animal naturally looks down. Looking upward and moving forward is what should pursue us to look "Beyond Senses"

Astrology - There is a whole new universe beyond what you see!

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Buddha declared "All that we are , is made up of our thoughts"

If the food is pure, thoughts are pure. Sattvik food greatly helps in generating pure thoughts Thought

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