Beyond Senses

Astrology as a branch of science is quite mature, while many of the Astrologers are not!!


Astrology as a branch of science is quite mature,while many of the Astrologers are not. My sincere advice is to be extremely catious when you seek astrologers advice, and please believe in your own intuition & instincts rather than anything else.

I still want to call Astrology as a "Science" while many educated people may consider it as a superstition. I sincerely believe that a person cannot take liberty to pronounce an opinion unless he has devoted time to its study.

Astrology is derived from the word "Aster"- star & "Logos" - reason or logic. Perhaps a more precise definition for todays world "It starts exactly where traditional reasoning gives up". It throws light on the future, attempts to foretell the future of a man, a family and civilization. Astrology thus answers a lot of questions which no other branch of science can ever attempt. Predictions are based on precise mathematical calculations and not mere guesswork. Over the years our forefathers have mastered the art of finding a relation between movement of planets and events in the life of each individual. Well, this is for each individual and not the predictions that you see on Newspapers over the weekend. Each of those predictions that you see in newspapers are based on Sun Sign (or) Moon sign and is applicable for a few millions on this planet, but Astrology is so precise to even predict separately and accurately for even twins who are born with a difference of few seconds/minutes.

People often keep asking how a planet light years away can affect the life of a single person. Answer is simple, yes it does. It is a quantum of energy that travels through ether which does the work. It is the energy that plays a role and not the distance. Sun is thousands of kilometers away from earth, but Sun is still responsible for all life on Earth. Similar is the case with other stars and planets. It is the energy that is transmitted which creates the impact and distance just does not matter. Planets which are small and far and whose energy is too small to make an impact are not considered, for example, although Neptune and Pluto are shown in some charts they are not found to make an impact on predictions. Our forefathers did master the art of predicting life and its events based on planets which are far away. It is just for us to read the scriptures and discern it, thankfully there is nothing to re-invent

Most of the ancient scriptures say that Human birth is the most noblest of births and is attained after a few thousand births. Human beings continue to be the most evolved species on this planet. Man is born free and is supposed to act and decide his destiny. One of the factors going against Astrology is that in the name of prediction, it has gone a step further in limiting the power of individuals and in making them wait for something rather than act. Well, that was never the intent of this noble science !!